The German auto industry is getting closer to repeating the success of Tesla

Germany is rightfully considered one of the best car manufacturers in the world. It’s not for nothing that you don’t name what brand; behind each is a story and even a legend. Mercedes, Audi, BMW … Even Volkswagen and Opel have done a lot for the automotive world. You can recall other brands that are no longer there, but they went down in history – these are Horch and Trabant. And then there is the Porsche, which stands out not only among ordinary motorists but also in motorsport, having more than one monocup and high-profile victories in various competitions, including Dakar. In general, the Germans would not have been Germans if they had not proposed advanced solutions that sometimes contradict their true historical devotion to honed internal combustion engines.

Porsche Taycan and Tesla

Specifically, this time we will talk about the company Porsche, which did not stop at one single model of an electric sports car and decided to develop this direction, releasing other models.

Porsche Taycan presentation

Let me remind you that the Porsche Taycan was presented last year and immediately attracted interest in its presentation, which was attended by a lot of people (such events were held then), and was led by Mark Webber, who was not only a very successful pilot in Formula 1 but also played for the Porsche team in endurance racing.

The car not only aroused interest but was inevitably associated with Tesla. Everyone wanted to understand whether it would be better, but it turned out that it wasn’t, and Taycan lost not only in autonomy but also in speed, which was proved on the famous Nurburgring northern loop.

Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model S

There was only one thing not to take away from the Porsche Taycan – it had a real German gloss. And yet, despite the huge amount of electronics and the fact that the car was completely powered by electricity, it did not become a gadget on wheels, and in the first place, it was made with an eye to driving pleasure.

The new electric Porsche 928

At the moment, the company is preparing to release another model of an electric car. It was logical to assume that the company would not stop there. Despite the fact that she already had the technology to develop electric cars, including motorsport, she still needed to collect enough information to create a car specifically for the average buyer.

So the company decided to release a version of the Porsche 928, which has a very futuristic look and electric traction. She has now fashionable, thanks to the revived style of Mercedes, the door in the spirit of the “wing of the seagull.” In addition, the review of what is happening behind is not responsible for the classic mirrors, but for the side cameras, which not only often give the best picture but also significantly improve aerodynamics. Nevertheless, the classic “mugs” lead the drag coefficient to something in between the tram and the brick.

In addition to all this, the novelty will receive wheels with a central nut, like in sports cars, and a developed diffuser in the rear. The presence of such an aerodynamic design is understandable, but the lack of exhaust pipes, in this case, is still somewhat unusual.

Porsche Taycan back

The diffuser allows you to accelerate the passage of airflow under the bottom of the car so that it literally sticks to the road at high speed. Interestingly, unlike the wing, the creation of such a downforce almost does not spoil the overall aerodynamics of the car, although it generates up to half the downforce. In motorsport, this element is very important.

The cost of such a car will come very close to the mark of 200,000 euros, which is quite a bit especially against the background of Tesla, which barely exceeds $ 100,000. But, let’s hope that the difference will be worth it, and we will not get a purely tracked NIO EP9, which you won’t even give if you buy it (they will deliver it to you on the route you specified), but a full-fledged electric sports car for every day.

Porsche Taycan doors

A twin-engine car can be quite heavy with a weight of 2,295 kilograms but 761 hp. and tremendous torque leads to impressive driving performance. From zero to 60 mph (97 km h) it takes 2.6 seconds, and the top speed is estimated at 162 mph (260 km / h) thanks to a two-speed transmission with second gear with a large gear ratio.

The story of the appearance of the Porsche 928

Initially, the creation of the new Porsche 928 was to mark the transition to a new path of development for the company. At that time, the management of the concern planned to replace the famous Porsche 911 (as it was called in Germany, “Neunelfer”) with a GT coupe. But Peter Schutz did not allow this to be done.

It is interesting that the person who became president and chief executive officer, having joined the company, did not even sit inside the 911th, but already understood that it was impossible to refuse him. First of all, this cannot be done because of the high cost of the planned 928th and the layout of the front-mounted V8 engine. This approach would not have been appreciated by brand fans.

Porsche 911

Now Porsche feels great first of all because it has occupied an excellent niche, having started producing cars such as the Porsche Cayenne and Porsche Panamera. They gained wide popularity in the mass segment and allowed the company to greatly improve its business in almost all markets. It was not superfluous to shake up the lineup, but at the same time to cheer up such models as Boxter and Cayman.

The release of the three-door Porsche Panamera also makes sense, since the company has many competitors in the large coupe market. Among them are the BMW 8 Series, Mercedes-Benz with its S-Class Coupe and Cabriolet, and other competitor models. Equally logical is the release of the ultra-modern Porsche 928.

Now the company plans to stand on the rails of electric vehicles. It is unlikely that the company will like Lotus completely to switch to electricity, but it definitely has the desire to come up with its electric car, which will not be compared with Tesla.

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