The G20 meeting was not held due to differences between China and the US on WHO

The United States insists that the WHO should be responsible for fighting the coronavirus pandemic at the very beginning.

The video conference of the leaders of the G20 countries did not take place due to serious differences between China and the United States in the assessment of the World Health Organization (WHO). The South China Morning Post reported, citing a source.

According to the newspaper’s source, the United States insisted that the WHO should be responsible for fighting the coronavirus pandemic at the earliest stage. China, in response, allegedly categorically refused to discuss this. As a result, the meeting was suspended at the last minute. The organizers hope that the video conference will take place soon.

On April 15, US President Donald Trump announced the suspension of WHO funding. The head of the White House accused the organization of spreading false information provided by China about the coronavirus. Trump recalled that at the end of January, the who leadership opposed the US decision to restrict flights to China at the early stages of the coronavirus infection outbreak. Thus, according to Trump, the opportunity to stop the pandemic at the beginning of its development was missed.

According to Bloomberg, Washington provides WHO with at least $400 million annually. Beijing recently decided to allocate $ 30 million to the organization to fight COVID-19.

The spread of the coronavirus began at the end of last year in China. Gradually, the infection spread to other countries. To date, almost three million cases of COVID-19 have been recorded worldwide. Almost 198,000 people died. The US is the most affected country. The number of cases there exceeds 925 thousand. More than 52 thousand patients died. In China, almost 83 thousand people fell ill. More than four and a half thousand died. The US and Western countries suggest that Beijing underestimates the real statistics of the incidence of coronavirus.

In February, WHO said that there was no need to close borders to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

WHO has changed its recommendations on wearing protective masks several times during the current pandemic. According to the organization’s critics, this misled millions of people and could lead to fatal consequences in some cases.

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