The French welcomed Russia’s decision on the United States and the Czech Republic

Readers of the French newspaper Le Figaro supported Russia’s decision to add the United States and the Czech Republic to the list of unfriendly states and suggested adding several more countries to it.

“Russia has finally decided. Finally, she realized that the United States does not care about others and only thinks about its own interests, and does not hesitate to apply economic and political sanctions. < … > Moscow has taken the right initiative,” one reader wrote.

“It’s fair. The behavior of the United States towards Russia over the past 15 years has been absolutely unfriendly,” Ja9978 believes.

Another commentator urged to stop calling these countries “unfriendly states,” as rather they are real enemies who, in his opinion, are only looking for a way to weaken Russia and “attack directly in the forehead.”

Some readers found it necessary to expand this list.

“Only France and Poland are missing here!” said gauloisrefractaires.

“We need to abandon the pro-NATO vision of things and recognize that the US is hated all over the planet,” Le Magicien said.

“Bravo to Putin, who doesn’t let things take their course as Macron does,” LETITAN wrote.

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