The founder of Alibaba called the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has not hindered technological change, but has accelerated the pace of digital technology development, said Jack Ma, founder of the Chinese company Alibaba and co-chair of the UN high-level panel of experts on digital cooperation.

“In the case of suspected coronavirus infection, the doctor usually spends 15-20 minutes studying CT scans, but now the machine performs this work in just 20 seconds, that is 60 times more effective than doctors,” Free News reports Jack Ma concerning the Xinhua news agency.

He also noted that at the 2019 conference, participants actively discussed the problem of robotizing society and replacing human labor with computers. Now, according to him, replacing people with robots and algorithms is one of the most urgent tasks.

“The virus does not have a passport, and there are no state borders for it. Technology should never have borders, ” Ma added.