The former head of the FBI Comey said that Trump spreads lies about the Bureau

According to James Comey, the US President ” attacks the FBI and undermines the rule of law in the country”.

The US President Donald Trump is undermining the rule of law in the country by spreading lies about the FBI. This opinion was expressed by the former Director of the Federal Bureau of investigation James Comey on Monday after closed hearings in the legal Committee and the oversight Committee of the House of Representatives of Congress, his words were quoted by Reuters.

As Comey said, at the hearing, the legislators again asked him about the use of the presidential candidate in the 2016 elections, Hillary Clinton’s personal e-mail address while she was working as the Us Secretary of state. The so-called dossier on Trump was also discussed. He complained that at the same time, “the President of the United States is spreading lies about the FBI, attacking the FBI and undermining the rule of law in the country.” When asked if he felt responsible for the FBI’s damage, Comey replied that the Agency’s reputation “came under a big blow because the President of the United States and his henchmen constantly lied about it.”

On December 9, Trump said that Komi deceived members of the legal Committee and the oversight Committee of the House of Representatives at a closed hearing on December 7. During the meeting, Komi reported that in the investigation of Russia’s alleged interference in the American elections of 2016, four citizens of the United States initially appeared, and Donald Trump, who at that time was a candidate for the US President, was not among them. Legislators after a conversation with Komi said that he refused to answer a number of questions on the recommendation of legal advisers from the Ministry of justice. Trump was outraged by the refusal of Komi and urged to force him to testify under oath.

On July 2016 Comey, who at that time was as Director of the FBI, the outcome of the investigation related with Clinton’s correspondence announced that his office didn’t found grounds for the presentation of her accusations. However, in October of the same year, he reported that the proceedings were resumed in the light of newly discovered circumstances. On November 6, 2016, two days before the US presidential election, Comey issued a notice that the audit is over and the conclusion about the lack of jurisdiction of Clinton remains in force.

Trump sent Comey into retirement last May, saying he was not satisfied with his work. Subsequently, this step was considered by the Democrats as “an attempt to create obstacles to justice.” They have repeatedly raised the issue of the investigation of this episode by the relevant committees of the Congress

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