The former head of Google will lead a panel on telemedicine in New York

The state that became the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic in the United States is gradually opening.

Former Google Executive Eric Schmidt will head the New York State Commission for the development of telemedicine and broadband Internet access. This was announced by the state’s Governor, Andrew Cuomo, at a regular briefing on the coronavirus.

The Commission will consist of 15 people.

The Governor said that starting Monday, camping sites will open in the state, and all veterinary offices will resume working on Tuesday.

“We are writing history in New York, he said – We have just completed it and have begun the second Chapter, namely, the opening of the state.”

The third Chapter will be rebuilding and rebuilding the economy, Cuomo said.

Speaking about the country’s recovery, it is necessary to think in significant categories, including new airports, public transport systems, infrastructure, new technologies in education, new telemedicine, and a more effective health system, the Governor said.