The first S-400 batteries will arrive in Turkey next week

According to Haberturk, Russian technicians will also arrive in the country by Monday.

The first of the S-400 defense systems purchased by Turkey will be loaded on transport planes on Sunday and will arrive in Turkey next week, the private broadcasting network Haberturk reports.

Washington warned that when the batteries arrive in Turkey, sanctions will follow.

The first delivery of the S-400 will be carried out by two cargo planes that will fly from the Russian air base, Haberturk reports without reference to the source.

It is also reported that the Russian technical team, which will monitor the installation of batteries, should arrive in Turkey by Monday.
Purchase of S-400 caused disagreements between Turkey and the USA. Washington insists that Russian systems are not compatible with NATO defense systems and will jeopardize American F-35 fighters, which Turkey is helping to build and plans to buy.

Author: Flyn Braun
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