The first reviews of Beach Buggy Racing 2: Island Adventure have appeared, players are thrilled

Beach Buggy Racing 2: Island Adventure is a fun racing adventure that will delight all fans of the mobile version of the game and will find a new audience among console and PC players.

Our team was lucky to be one of the first to look at this game and we are still deeply impressed by it. After playing on the phone, the gameplay experience is completely different. It feels like a new game with familiar locations from previous versions, which creates a great atmosphere and immerses you in the world of beach racing.

Adventure mode

The first thing we noticed was a convenient control system, which was supplemented with some new functions that were not possible on a mobile device. For example, a backward review, now it has become much more convenient to place traps for opponents from behind and you don’t have to guess from the sound that you are about to be overtaken.

Also, the passage of the adventure mode has become even more diverse with a new system for improving transport and free choice in the study of the map. A flexible system for choosing the difficulty will allow you to customize the game for both a beginner and a pro, who, like us, went through all the previous parts on the phone.

Multiplayer mode

Separately worth noting is the multiplayer mode, now the game allows you to play together with 8 friends on the same screen or by inviting friends from Steam. This feature is described in more detail here. In addition, there are also Tournaments in which you can compete in the ranking with other players for the fastest race in different modes. The Championships mode has also been improved and provides many more options than before.

The graphics in this game are made at a decent level, which enhances the experience of the game. Animation of movements and physics allow you to believe in what is happening. Vector Unit has done a good job of bringing this great game to all the current Xbox, Switch, and PlayStation platforms.

Remind that, release date: March 17, 2021 for Switch, Xbox ,PlayStation. Release date for PC (Steam) March 10, 2021.
Pre-order Date: March 10, 2021 (Switch/Xbox)

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