The first person to contract a new coronavirus has died in China

In the city of Wuhan (China), the first person died. Seven other people are in serious condition. Free News reported this with reference to the statement of the City Committee on Health.
According to the City Health Committee, 41 cases of infection with a preliminary diagnosis of a new type of coronavirus have been identified, of which seven people are in serious condition, one patient has died, and the condition of the remaining patients is stable. It is also noted that two more people were discharged from the hospital.

Currently, 739 people who had close contact with the sick are under the supervision of doctors, 419 of them are doctors. They have no symptoms of infection to date.

In December 2019, viral pneumonia appeared in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Some patients are very difficult to tolerate the disease. Since the origin of this type of pneumonia at that time was not established. Doctors did not even understand how to treat patients.

Experts were able to establish that the cause of viral pneumonia was a new type of coronavirus in early January.

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