The first panorama of Mars appeared. It consists of 142 photos!

Researchers from NASA have published the first panorama of Mars. It will allow scientists to study the planet’s surface in detail.

NASA’s Perseverance rover has sent a detailed 360-degree panorama of the surrounding area near Jezero Crater to Earth. In this part of the planet billions of years ago there was a lake and a river delta.

The photograph consists of 142 individual images captured by Perseverance’s Mastcam-Z camera system. The footage was taken three days after the rover landed on the planet.

The researchers explained that the Mastcam-Z is a dual camera system with a zoom function. Therefore, the device allows the camera to zoom in, focus and shoot high definition video. In addition, the camera can capture panoramic color and 3D images of the planet’s surface.

The cameras will help scientists assess the geological history and atmospheric conditions of Jezero Crater. NASA also wants to identify the rocks and sediments seen in the panorama. They will help identify rocks and sediments, as well as determine what rocks the rover should collect for a return to Earth in the future.

NASA also notes that they have already published 5,600 high-resolution images of Mars. Users can vote and choose the best photos.

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