The first nuggets were sent to the stratosphere

Iceland, a British supermarket chain, has sent its product to the stratosphere most often – chicken nuggets. So the company decided to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Chicken nuggets were sent to the stratosphere by the Iceland supermarket chain, specifically in order to get the nuggets to the final point, it was attached to a meteorological probe. The launch took place on a farm in Wales, near the company’s headquarters. The nuggets gained a height of 33,528 meters – according to the company, this is approximately 880 thousand nuggets from the surface of the Earth.

It took just under two hours to launch and reach this altitude. The maximum temperature during the flight was about – 60°C, and the maximum speed was 322 km/h.

A team of stratospheric researchers used a hydrogen-filled weather balloon to safely transport cargo into space. The custom-designed launch vehicle included basic avionics, satellite tracking support, and an integrated video camera support system.

Having reached its peak altitude, the launch vehicle headed back to Earth at a speed of 322 km/h, and its parachute deployed at an altitude of about 19 thousand meters, which allowed the device to make a safe landing.