The first mask with built-in headphones appeared

The first mask with built-in headphones appeared. It protects against pathogens, allergens, irritants and helps you listen to music or talk on the phone without interference.

The Maskfone device, according to its creators, is “the world’s first face mask with built-in wireless headphones.”

It helps to protect the user from inhaling foreign objects. These may include pathogens, allergens and irritants. The mask provides optimal protection against possible COVID-19 pathogens in the air, as well as against contamination that is common in countries such as China.

Maskfone solves the persistent problem of using a masked phone. Engineers note that they work better than wireless or wired headphones: their sound becomes muffled, and the person wearing a mask may not hear you.

“Maskfone combines protection, convenience and technology in one stylish, high-quality package. It serves as a mask for the face and provides the necessary protection, but allows you not to be interrupted and to be constantly in touch, ”the creators note.

The company also noted that the pandemic has made wearing masks more important than ever. Since pathogens can remain in the air for a long time, it is very important that the mask can be worn at all times. The new device will allow getting rid of situations when the mask will have to be removed in order to answer a call or start listening to music.

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