The first “live” robots were created in the United States

American scientists have created the world’s first bio robots, which were collected entirely from living cells. At the heart of the mechanisms of the cell is the African water frog cell.

Scientists from Vermont and Taft universities created bio robots. According to the Science Alert website, researchers are collecting bio robots using supercomputer modeling. Their creations can move, perform basic tasks, and heal damage.

Study leader Joshua Bongard called bio robots “new living machines.” In their work, they refer to their creatures as reconfigurable organisms or xenobots.

“They are neither traditional robots nor a known animal species. This is a new class of living programmable organisms created by man,” Bongard said.

The composition of xenobots was calculated on a computer, but then scientists recreated them in the real world. Tests have shown that these “creatures” live for several days or even weeks. Survival increases if the bio robots are in an aquatic environment. If damaged, these creatures can heal their wounds.


When they run out of energy, they die and are destroyed, breaking up into dead cells that do not pollute the environment.
In the future, scientists are thinking of creating bio robots with blood vessels, the nervous system, and sensory cells. To settle them on land, you can use mammalian cells.

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