The first lady of the United States was treated for a stab wound on her leg

She was accompanied to the medical center by US President Joe Biden.

US President Joe Biden accompanied his wife Jill to the Walter Reed Medical Center on Thursday evening, where she was treated for a stab wound on her leg. As previously reported by Jill Biden’s press secretary Michael LaRosa, last weekend in Hawaii, the first lady stepped on an object.

“The first lady successfully underwent a procedure to treat a stab wound on her left leg. After examining the wound by medical specialists, it remains unclear what object caused the damage, ” Larosa said. “Now the wound is clean, without infection, and it is expected that it will heal well.”

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18 thoughts on “The first lady of the United States was treated for a stab wound on her leg”

  1. How do you step on something and puncher her leg? Was it her leg or foot? Where was the puncher? And wouldn’t the doctor know what punchered her leg, because she should knows?

    • Virginia I agree however did you take the time to stick up for our previous first lady all the times she was attacked online. Probably not and just remember when this country goes fully woke it’ll be the end of democracy in the US thanks to these to idiots in their now. Because that’s what I think they are unless you can tell me one good thing Biden has done while in office so far so I don’t feel this way.

      • So sad to know we have people in this world that always speaks negative about people in general , I sure would hate to live ur life , sorry this world has u all screwed up.

      • Well first Biden made sure the states were given the vaccines to distribute instead of every man for themselves.
        He’s passed the rescue plan that is taking millions of children out of poverty.
        He’s set to pass the infrastructure plan that will only bring jobs and economy back and once the family plan is in place, our economy will be as should be, of not better.
        I guess he could have given the rich another $1.9 trillion that hasn’t had one dime paid back into it and now costing $2.5 trillion. Probably more. That was a few weeks ago.
        So before you feel the need to push your cultish BS again, try actually having something to say other than the cult lies.

        • Stop wit the bull crap. Joe is as far up China as can be. Did you forget where the virus started and how many lives have been lost. He has once mentioned China. Doesn’t that tell you something. When we found out and President Trump shut down flights who blew up. Right the democrats.
          We would not be in the mess we are in if he weren’t president. He has opened borders to whatever disease comes in. He has took jobs away not helped. You need to read the facts and stop with the fairy tales. And while we are on it. I hate crime. Blue states didn’t want police officers so now they are getting killed. What kinda of lame brain thinks we can live without law and order.

      • U mean that fake Melania Yes there r 4 Melanias. She actually left Trump weeks ago But don’t believe me check in the news.

  2. Joe probably was involved somehow. He has a nasty temper and I put nothing past him. Kick the old fart to the curb Jill

  3. I have a stab wound in the calve of my right leg getting into a Dodge Ram truck. It’s possible to get a stab from something other than a knife. Tetanus shot, antibiotic, proper procedures.


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