The first gameplay of The Medium: a mystical horror of the new generation with travel across dimensions

Bloober Team revealed the first horror gameplay The Medium, which is scheduled for release on January 28th.

The developers decided to demonstrate the first gameplay with the Xbox Series X’s. 4K resolution. In the video, the heroine of the game arrives at an abandoned hotel, where she is looking for a guy named Thomas.

In the investigation, the girl is helped by the ability to move her ghostly form into the astral dimension. In this case, the physical body remains on the ground, and the heroine cannot pass through the barriers of the real world. Judging by the video, riddles will be built on this mechanic.

Also in The Medium, there are portals in the form of mirrors, which completely move the girl into the astral dimension. The transition between the real and the world of souls is instantaneous. At the presentation, the developers said that the game became possible thanks to the new generation consoles. Apparently, fast downloads were not enough to implement the Bloober Team idea.

Of the opponents, only an invisible monster was shown, which pursues the heroine in two dimensions at once.

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