The first coronavirus mutation found, against which antibodies are powerless

Scientists have identified a SARS-CoV-2 mutation that allows it to elude recognition by antibodies developed to fight infection, Nature reports, citing a Preprint of the study.

Specialists at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer research center have mapped all possible COVID-19 mutations that can prevent the binding of three monoclonal antibodies (created in the laboratory and administered to patients as part of specialized therapy).

It turned out that some mutations affected a protein segment called the receptor-binding domain (RBD), which the virus uses to enter cells. One of these mutations masked the virus from the entire cocktail of antibodies, while others escaped selectively from one of the three antibodies.

Scientists note that some of these changes are widespread in those infected with COVID-19, and a mutation opposing the entire set of antibodies was found in the Netherlands and Denmark.

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