The first commander of the US Space force was sworn in

In fact, General John Raymond took up his duties in December 2019.

On Tuesday at the White House Vice-President Mike Pence officially swore in General John Raymond, head of the Space forces of the United States.

Raymond took up his duties on December 20, 2019, when President Donald Trump signed a law that introduced a new branch of the armed forces into the country’s armed forces.

“Space forces will help us deter aggression and control the situation at maximum altitude,” Trump said when signing the document.

According to officials, the Space forces will organize, train and equip military personnel primarily engaged in operations in space.

The role of the military in space is a subject of close attention due to the growing importance of orbiting satellites, which are difficult to protect. Satellites provide communications, navigation, intelligence, and other activities that are vital to the armed forces and the country’s economy.

Space forces will be subordinate to the Air force (recall that the Marine Corps is a separate service within the Navy).

Officials say that the initial Space force will include thousands of air force personnel, as well as civilian personnel currently part of the air force’s Space command.

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