The first bike printed on a 3D printer appeared

Researchers from the United States introduced two models of bikes that are fully printed on a 3D printer. They have become lighter and stronger.

Arevo introduced two bike models that are printed on a 3D printer. Superstrata Terra is a lightweight model that can be made to order, depending on the needs of the client and his riding style. Superstrata Ion is an electric bike with a 250 Watt engine and battery. It can drive 100 km. without charging. The bicycle frame is a one-piece thermoplastic carbon fiber.

Engineers noted that the main part of the bike is the frame. This is an integral thermoplastic fiber, which is made as a whole and does not weld from dozens of pieces of metal, like similar bicycles. The use of thermoplastic materials makes the frame extremely shockproof and at the same time surprisingly light. The weight of the Terra frame is 1.2 kg and the Ion is 11 kg.

3D printing is a costly and time-consuming way to make bicycles, but Superstrata CEO Sonny Wu noted that this approach makes the devices very strong and durable. In addition, they can make an individual design for measurements, which is most suitable for customers. The creation of each frame takes about 10 hours, and the company claims that it can create up to 250 thousand unique combinations of bicycles.

Now the company is in talks with manufacturers of batteries and engines. While the company’s bikes are available for pre-order on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. Edition The Verge notes that while the production of bicycles is only an experiment, and they may not get into mass sales if they do not have enough customers. At the same time, the company may lose most of its profit by spending it on maintenance and repair.