The first baby with antibodies to Covid-19 was born in the United States

Pediatricians Paul Gilbert and Chad Rudnik from Boca Raton, Florida, described the first case of a child they know was born with antibodies that protect against Covid-19 in their blood.

Gilbert said a pregnant health worker was vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine three weeks before giving birth in January. Doctors decided to take advantage of this opportunity to determine if antibodies can be passed from mother to child.

Immediately after birth, they took a blood test from the umbilical cord and found antibodies in the baby that could only get to him from the mother.

Moreover, these antibodies were developed exclusively due to vaccination, since even before childbirth, the mother’s tests for coronavirus gave a negative result. That is, antibodies could not be produced in her blood naturally during the body’s fight against coronavirus.

Doctors hope their discovery will spark further research into the benefits of maternal vaccination, which it turns out may provide newborns with protection from the coronavirus.

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