The fire in the Notre Dame de Paris eliminated

The fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris in France is localized — the emergency services managed to take control of the fire, told CNN the representative of the Paris police. Parisien, in turn, clarifies that the building still has several fires.

The representative of the fire services Lieutenant-Colonel Gabriel said in general, “the fire was extinguished.” “But we will continue to monitor residual fires and cool the structures, making sure that the flames do not resume,” he added.

The main supporting structure managed to save from collapse, the tower of the main facade, as well as the bell. The roof collapsed by two-thirds, the clock and the spire were destroyed, around which there were sculptural groups of 12 apostles and four winged tetramorphs — symbols of the evangelists.
By a happy coincidence, they were sent for restoration shortly before the fire and were not injured.

According to unconfirmed information, window roses of the XIII century were destroyed in the Cathedral. The photos show the inside of the building was not seriously damaged, the altar and the cross are preserved.

Inspector questioned the workers covered by the fire of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris.

French President Emmanuel Macron, commenting on the incident, said: “the worst was avoided.” “Thanks to the courage of firefighters, the facade and two towers did not collapse,” he noted. The head of state drove up to the Cathedral twice last evening. The second time, accompanied by emergency personnel, he entered the still burning Cathedral through the main entrance.

The fire in the Notre Dame de Paris eliminated

In the future, the Cathedral will be restored, the President promised. To raise funds for this, he launched an international fundraising campaign.
The family of French businessmen Pinot, whose fortune is estimated at 35 billion dollars, has already said that it will allocate 100 million euros to finance the restoration work.

“My father, Francois Pinot, and I decided to allocate from the funds of Artemis Company 100 million euros for the reconstruction of Notre Dame Cathedral, which on Monday broke out a fire,” said businessman Francois-Henri Pinot.

At once a number of organizations, companies, and patrons around the world promised to allocate funds for the restoration of the Cathedral.

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo posted a Twitter photo of the relics rescued from the fire and wrote that thanks to the actions of police and municipal officials who lined up “in a huge human chain” to transfer it, the sacred objects were saved, including the crown of thorns of Jesus Christ.

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