The fifth part of “Twilight” sold in a million copies in just a week

Set in the world of the Twilight saga, the new novel by writer Stephenie Meyer, Midnight Sun, has sold over a million copies in North America in a week since its launch. This information was reported by the publishing house Hachette Dook Group, which released the book. In addition, the book set a publisher’s record for the number of pre-orders. Book publisher Megan Tingley says:

We’re thrilled to bring people back to the Twilight world and celebrate this momentous occasion with Stephanie, the fans and booksellers who have supported her for the past fifteen years. Aside from the dizzying sales, I’m pleased to hear how fans loved the novel. Their overall opinion of what they read was: “It was worth the wait”.

The official synopsis of the novel reads:

The unforgettable story is now told from Edward’s perspective and takes on a new twist. Meeting the beautiful and mysterious Bella is the most intriguing and most exciting event that happened in his long life as a vampire. As we learn more about events from Edward’s past, we understand why this is a decisive struggle in his life. How could he fall in love with Bella if he knew he would endanger her life by doing so?

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