The Federation Council explained why even the coronavirus will not stop “Nord stream-2”

From COVID-19, the demand for gas in winter in Europe will not decrease, but rather increase.

The ship “Akademik Chersky,” owned by Gazprom, which was considered for the completion of the Nord stream-2 gas pipeline, continues it’s way North in the direction of Europe. The ship is heading to the Spanish port of Las Palmas. This is evidenced by data from the vessel tracking portals Vesselfinder and Marine Traffic.

The port is located on the territory of the Canary Islands, and the “Akademik Chersky” is expected to arrive there on April 18. The ship left Nakhodka on February 10 and has been on the way for 56 days. The pipe layer constantly changes its destination.

In December 2019, the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak said that the use of “Akademik Chersky” is one of the options for completing the “Nord stream — 2.” At the same time, he drew attention to the fact that it will take some time for additional preparation of the ship.

When asked why even a new type of coronavirus pandemic cannot stop the construction of “Nord stream -2,” Senator Oleg Morozov noted that the demand for gas from COVID-19 will not decrease in winter, but rather increase.

“Households will probably need more gas than they do today. Especially considering that many will spend time at home. But that’s not even the point. Gas is a strategically important product, without which the modern economy, including the European one, cannot live. As we have said, no sanctions will prevent us from bringing “Nord stream -2″ to its logical conclusion. The consumer is there, and he will not refuse this gas. This project has a future, and it is positive. It’s a matter of time”, explained Oleg Morozov.

As noted by political and economic analyst Vladimir Soloveitchik, the construction of the “Nord stream — 2” is extremely important for the foreign economic relations of the Russian Federation and European countries, primarily Germany. It is obvious that despite the US sanctions pressure, the gas pipeline along the bottom of the Baltic Sea will be built and put into operation.

“The arrival of a vessel that can help this in the Baltic Sea will speed up the work on the creation of the gas pipeline. The economic crisis in the modern world has also affected the global energy market. In this situation, the importance of commissioning a new gas pipeline after its construction increases significantly. “Nord stream- 2″ was necessary and important before, but now it is doubly so”, Vladimir Soloveitchik concluded.

Earlier, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that the coronavirus was brought to the Chinese city of Wuhan by the US military. The diplomat analyzed publications about the creation of such a virus in the scientific journal Nature Medicine in 2015 and found an article in which scientists discussed how to create a similar virus to SARS-CoV-2, and how it affects humans.

Author: Flyn Braun
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