The FBI found out where the package with poison for Trump came from

The Royal Canadian mounted police have joined the FBI’s investigation into the origin of a package containing the potent poison ricin addressed to US President Donald Trump.

“The Royal Canadian mounted police confirm that it has received a request for assistance from the FBI in connection with a suspicious package sent to the White House… Initial information received during the investigation indicates that the parcel originates from Canada, ” said police spokesman Dan Bryan.

Earlier, CNN, citing two law enforcement sources, reported that the potent poison ricin was found in a package sent to President Donald Trump. According to him, two law enforcement tests confirmed the presence of ricin. All mail addressed to the White House is checked outside the US President’s residence before delivery.

A source in the US law enforcement agencies also told the TV channel that the probability of sending a parcel from Canada is being studied.

Ricin is a highly toxic poison from castor seeds. Terrorists have used it in the past. In a certain dose, ricin causes death.