The far-right radicals would like to get to the inauguration Biden

Far-right radicals discussed the possibility of infiltrating the inauguration of US President-elect Joe Biden, pretending to be soldiers of the National Guard, the Washington Post reports, citing an FBI document.

Earlier, the Associated Press reported that the US military is afraid of a possible attack from within or other threat from National Guard personnel involved in providing security at the inauguration of the President-elect of the United States Joe Biden, so the FBI is conducting a check. Later, the Pentagon said that after the FBI will check the National Guard soldiers who will participate in the inauguration.

According to the newspaper, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has compiled a special report that lists the identified security threats. It is noted that the FBI warned law enforcement agencies that both “loners” and extremists, supporters of the QAnon conspiracy theory, some of whom participated in the riots in the Capitol at the beginning of the month, are going to attend the inauguration ceremony on January 20.

The FBI also alleges that some far-right groups have been looking at maps of vulnerable locations in Washington and discussing how these locations and facilities could be used to infiltrate the inauguration and potentially undermine it.

“QAnon members discussed how they could impersonate National Guard soldiers, believing that it would be easy for them to enter protected areas,” the newspaper quotes an excerpt from the document.

Simultaneously, the document does not contain information about certain plans to undermine inaugural events, such as the attack on the Capitol. “Numerous,” according to the FBI, representatives of extremist groups publicly condemn violence aimed at undermining the transfer of power to the new president.

A Defense Ministry official told the newspaper on condition of anonymity that the National Guard soldiers had been instructed to they must look out for all those who are dressed in special equipment but look out of place. Employees will report to their commanders if they “see or hear” anything unusual, a National Guard spokeswoman told the newspaper.

People who may try to impersonate the military can obtain uniforms in various ways, including if they have previously served or purchase them from army stores.

The FBI also recorded an increase in interest in the preparation of security forces for the inauguration: employees of the National Guard reported that they saw several people taking pictures and filming them on video. Some of the videos, according to the FBI report, got online.

Some unknown persons also studied video recordings of protected areas from surveillance cameras, but it is unclear what their purpose was.


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