The expert spoke about the mysterious energy affecting the brains of American diplomats

American diplomats around the world have head problems. As it turns out, Russia is again to blame for this. The Washington Post writes about this with reference to unnamed intelligence officials who claim that Russia is carrying out attacks on American diplomatic missions with unknown “directed energy.”

A military expert told MK in detail about the mysterious “energy” causing brain damage in US diplomats.

It must be admitted that this topic is no longer new and comes up from time to time. Back in May this year, the New York Times wrote that 138 diplomats working abroad turned to doctors with complaints of poor health, increased headaches, tinnitus, nausea, hallucinations and vision problems.

First, it was about 60 cases related to the health of American diplomats in Cuba and China. Then they were joined by the sore heads of American diplomats in Europe, Asia and even in the United States itself, where two representatives of the diplomatic mission turned to doctors for help.

Alexey Pushkov, Chairman of the Federation Council Commission on Information Policy, ironically remarked on this in a messenger: “… perhaps these attacks were carried out from UFOs!” Indeed, recently, says Pushkov, “the ex-President Obama, who had access to the Top Secret documents, explained that unidentified objects are moved using technologies, the principles of which are unknown to us. Isn’t it “directed energy”? In this regard, the deputy suggests, “American analysts need to check everything again.”

But why check if there is Russia, which even without checks can habitually be blamed for everything.

But a military expert, Captain 1st Rank Vladimir Gundarov, in an interview with MK, noticed that UFOs had nothing to do with it, of course. At the same time, he admitted that the non-lethal weapons that the Americans are talking about really exist. And how long.

Back in the spring of 1994, the scientific journal Scintific American published an article about a powerful infrasound generator that can cause nausea and stomach upset in a person.

– The Pentagon then became interested in this novelty, – Vladimir Gundarov explained, – having begun the development of high-frequency generators. As a result, emitters were obtained that act on the human central nervous system. Their microwaves attack the subcranial tissue, causing auditory hallucinations. The resulting technology was later formalized in a report by the US Army in the section “Biological Effects of Non-Lethal Weapons” as a “microwave gun” used for military and police operations. Then, in 2003, funding began to develop a “telepathic microwave gun” that, according to its developers, could act as a reconfigurable antenna. It is capable of generating both a wide beam that captures an entire crowd of people, and a narrow beam that temporarily incapacitates only a few people. Such a “gun” can transmit voices, commands or music directly to the human brain, while all this is not heard by the people around him. This system is copyrighted by US Pat. No. 4,877,027.

According to the expert, the weapon obtained using this technology was called the Voice of God at the final stage of development. In 2005, it was first used against Somali pirates when an acoustic cannon fired a salvo from the cruise ship Seabourn Spirit, causing panic alarms among pirates, who turned away from the ship and rushed into the loose in their boats. Later in 2007, the US military implemented this system in Iraq.

As the expert said, similar weapons are also being developed in China and Russia. Our equipment can create directional sound pressure in the sector from 30 to 360 degrees. It can be connected via internet, WiFi and GPRS / GSM to broadcast the signal in real-time. The sound reproduced at a frequency of 2.5 kHz corresponds to a re-sharp of the fourth octave.

However, all the current accusations against Russia, which are now sounding from the pages of the American press, regarding the impact of “directed energy” on the brain of US diplomats, have nothing to do with reality, – said Vladimir Gundarov. – Everything looks much more prosaic. The fact is that in the buildings of the US diplomatic missions, by the way, as in our Russian ones, there are special “dark rooms”. They are used for secret meetings, or for spies to communicate, or spies – whatever you call them – working under diplomatic cover with their secret service handlers. In such rooms, there is energy protection – radiation that can interrupt all acoustic magnetic and other signals, which makes it impossible to record and eavesdrop on everything that is said in such a room.

The expert explains that there are the same rooms for secret meetings, in particular, in our National Center for Defense Management of the Russian Federation on the Frunzenskaya Embankment. Recently on one of the TV channels there was a report where a journalist enters such a room, turns on some kind of button that looks like an ordinary light switch, says that in fact he turned on the protection, and now everything that is said in this room cannot be heard by anyone. around.

“But, unfortunately,” says Vladimir Gundarov, “we still do not fully know how the energy protection used in such premises affects the human body. If you strengthen it – and the Americans could do this, since they see Russians everywhere – the brain of people using such premises could receive such an energetic blow, after which hallucinations begin, problems with the eyes, brain, and so on. This is quite logical, since according to the Americans themselves, brain anomalies for some reason do not occur in the military, politicians or some other categories of citizens, but exclusively in diplomats. Apparently, it is among those who quite often visit such “black rooms”. Simply put, he is a spy working under diplomatic cover.

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