The expert explained why Biden refused to take a tough approach to Russia

US President Joe Biden abandoned a tough approach to Russia at the Geneva summit for a dialogue on nuclear arms control, former Canadian diplomat Patrick Armstrong told.

The expert noted that the American side asked for a meeting after two failures of the “tough guy” approach: “the coup attempt in Belarus and the farce with the “de-occupation of the Crimea.”

At the same time, he noted that there was a third failure of the “tough guy.” In the 1990s, he said, the Americans believed that Russia no longer needed to pay attention, because they “won.” However, then Russia “largely outstripped” the United States in the field of strategic weapons. Therefore, some “reasonable” representatives of the United States want agreements on weapons, because “the power of Russia cannot be ignored.”

“Thus, one important goal of the meeting was achieved – an agreement to discuss arms control: the American side needs it, and Moscow prefers stability and predictability,” said Armstrong, a former envoy adviser to the Canadian Embassy in Moscow.

He added that Washington cannot accept that Russia and China “will go their own way,” and the “time of teaching” is over.

“Therefore, I do not expect any changes until there is a new reality that no one in Washington can ignore,” the former diplomat added. Armstrong also welcomed the return of the Russian and US ambassadors.

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