The expert commented on the US ultimatum on missiles

In the case of the US withdrawal from the Treaty on the limitation of medium-and short-range missiles (INF) hostage to the situation, as in the cold war, would be Europe. There – for example, in Romania-are interceptor missile launchers of system ABM defense Aegis, which can be very quickly converted into shock Tomahawk.

– Back in the 60s, when I served in the missile forces, our R-18 with nuclear warheads were aimed at Europe. Warheads stood monstrous capacity-megaton class, – and in one gulp one our division could issue 12 missiles. This is enough to wipe out several States at once. When serious work begins, no one thinks about the victims-all follow orders. So the Europeans should think whether they are doing the right thing, placing American missiles, – said the editor of the magazine “National defense” Alexander Mozgovoy.

Recall, the US President announced the withdrawal from the INF TREATY, accusing Russia. The Russian foreign Ministry said that Russia strictly complies with the Treaty, and Vladimir Putin warned that the US withdrawal from it will have the most serious consequences for global security.

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