The expert commented on Putin’s pose at the beginning of the meeting with Biden

The pose of Russian President Vladimir Putin at the beginning of negotiations with his American counterpart Joe Biden shows that he clearly feels confident, he is quite comfortable, an expert on modern etiquette and business protocol.

The meeting of the leaders of Russia and the United States takes place on Wednesday in Geneva.

“Putin clearly feels confident in this situation: he is sitting in a position that shows that he is quite comfortable here, that he feels confident; he is sitting with support on two legs, leaning back, and not on the tip of the chair. All this shows that he is happy and comfortable here,” the expert commented on the first footage from the meeting of the Russian and American presidents.

According to her, if you compare the poses of Biden and Putin, it seems that the US president “is not so comfortable in the negotiations.”

“If you look at his pose-leg on the leg, it seems that he is not exactly clamped – a man can afford to sit leg on the leg in European Western culture… But in contrast to Putin, it seems that he is not as comfortable,” the expert explained.

Commenting on the presence of Biden’s notes at the beginning of the negotiations, she noted that there is nothing reprehensible if a person sometimes uses his notes or cheat sheets, but the main thing is that he does not read on a piece of paper.

“Of course, each person can use some records at the meeting. We are not robots, you can easily use your notes, and some cheat sheets. Another question is that reading a cheat sheet would be very strange in the modern world. You can look at it periodically, but the world strives to see a leader who is sufficiently professional, sufficiently collected, who does not need to look anywhere, who is fluent in information, speech,” she added.

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