The ex-Deputy of the European Parliament warned the path to the cold war

Anti-Russian hysteria, which continues in the European Union and is supported by the United States, leads to a new cold war, says former MEP, leader of the party “Greece – another way” Notis Marias.

Thus, the politician called the EU’s decision to apply a new regime of sanctions against Russia for allegedly violating human rights in the situation with Alexei Navalny hypocritical. Marias recalled that the foreign ministers of the European Union at the same time postpone measures against Turkey and called the activities of Brussels “a bought field.”

“Brussels speaks about alleged human rights violations in the Navalny case and turns a blind eye to the brutal human rights violations in Turkey, where (President Tayyip) Erdogan has filled prisons with political opponents and students who dare to speak out against the rector of the Bosphorus University appointed by Erdogan are brutally beaten and dragged to courts and prisons,” Free News quotes Marias as saying.

According to him, “the continuation of anti-Russian hysteria on the part of Brussels, with the support and encouragement of Washington, leads to the situation of a new cold war, which damages peace and progress on the European continent.”

Also, Marias drew attention to the recent statement of American President Joe Biden at the Munich Security Conference on February 19. The US leader then announced America’s return to the world stage, calling cooperation with European partners a “cornerstone.”

“Thus, the famous statement of (Joe) Biden America is back (America is back) marks a turn to the historically long-outdated cold war is back (the cold war is back),”

the politician believes.

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