The European Union stands in solidarity with the United States in the fight against malicious actions in cyberspace

The EU statement calls on all countries to facilitate investigations in this area.

The European Union and its member states express solidarity with the United States of America in connection with the consequences of malicious actions in cyberspace, in particular the cyber-attack on SolarWinds, which, according to the United States, was carried out by the Russian Federation, the EU High Representative said in a statement on Thursday.

As noted in the document, this hack affected governments and businesses worldwide, including in the EU countries.

“We share our partners’ concerns about the growing number of malicious activities in cyberspace and are particularly alarmed by the recent increase in the number of activities that affect the security and integrity of information and communication technology-related products and services, which can have systemic consequences and cause significant harm to society, security and the economy,” the statement said.

“The malicious use of information and communication technologies undermines the benefits that the Internet and the use of these technologies give to society as a whole, and demonstrates the willingness of individual actors to create a real threat to international security and stability,” it continues.

The document calls on all States to contribute to the ongoing investigations of malicious cyber activity to take sustainable, joint, and coordinated measures aimed at preventing, suppressing, deterring, and responding to such malicious behavior in cyberspace, including through close cooperation with our international partners.”

“The European Union and its countries remain firmly committed and determined, in solidarity with their international partners, to promote the creation of a global, open, stable and secure cyberspace in which human rights, fundamental freedoms, democratic values and principles and the rule of law are respected, so that everyone can lead a safe life both on and off the Internet,” the EU High Representative said in a statement.

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