The European Union refused May in re-negotiations on the Brexit deal

The resumption of negotiations on the agreement on the withdrawal of the UK from the EU is impossible, but Brussels intends to establish relations with the UK after Brexit as close as possible. This is stated in the final statement of the EU summit.

“The EU remains committed to the agreement and intends to ratify it. The resumption of negotiations is not discussed, “the document says, which also emphasizes the EU’s intention “to establish relations with the UK after Brexit as close as possible.”

“The EU is ready to start discussing future relations with the UK as soon as an exit agreement is signed so that negotiations can begin immediately after [March 29, 2019],” said Donald Tusk, Chairman of the European Council.

The EU leaders also stressed that the safety mechanism, which should keep Northern Ireland in the EU Customs Union after the UK’s exit, to ensure transparency of the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland (backstop), “will remain in the agreement as a necessary guarantee”.

The European Council also once again called “to intensify preparations for Brexit at all levels, taking into account all possible scenarios.” So the leaders of the remaining EU States indirectly made it clear that they continue to prepare for the UK’s exit from the EU without an agreement.

What Juncker said

“The British should decide what they want, instead of telling us what we should do,” commented on the speech of British Prime Minister Theresa may at the EU summit, the head of the European Commission (EC) Jean-Claude Juncker. “We would like in the coming weeks to say what they are expected of us. We want clarification,- he continued, adding that May should “constructively formulate expectations from the EU.”

According to Juncker, the British Prime Minister is fighting for the approval of the agreement on the withdrawal of the Kingdom from the community, but the EU doesn’t see the results.

The head of the EC once again stressed that the agreement on Brexit can not be changed. “We can add explanations, but there will be no new negotiations on the agreement,” he said.

According to Juncker, the European Commission will publish on December 19 all the information about the preparation for Brexit. “The EC will publish on December 19 all information on Brexit, which can be useful in the absence of an agreement. All our so — called preparatory measures,” Juncker said.

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