The European Union has rejected the peace plan of the United States on the Middle East

The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, expressed particular concern about the annexation plans.

The European Union rejected the United States’ proposed Middle East peace plan, saying it would challenge Israel’s plans to further Annex Palestinian lands if necessary.

The President of the United States Donald Trump presented his plan last week. Israel welcomed the initiative, but Palestinian leaders rejected it.

The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, stressed the bloc’s commitment to a two-state solution that implies the coexistence of Israel and “an independent, democratic, contiguous, and sovereign and a sustainable Palestinian state.”

Although the plan provides for the creation of a Palestinian state, it does not meet the minimum requirements of the Palestinians and gives Israel almost everything it has demanded in recent decades, including most of the Palestinian land on which Israeli settlements are built.

According to Borrell, Israel’s attempts to annex Palestinian territory “will not go unanswered.”

Borrell stressed that to achieve peace in the region, it is necessary to resolve the most serious issues, such as the establishment of the borders of the Palestinian state and the final status of Jerusalem.

“To establish a just and lasting peace, the outstanding final status issues must be resolved through direct negotiations between the parties,” Borrell said, adding that the plan “deviates from these parameters agreed at the international level.”

Some of the 27 EU members have already recognized a Palestinian state, although most countries are calling for a settlement through peaceful negotiations.

Trump’s plan met with a positive reaction from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who said he was not going to abandon plans to annex the West Bank.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas rejected the plan, calling it “nonsense,” and the Gulf countries described the initiative as “biased.”

The European Union has condemned Trump’s decision in 2017 to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, saying it undermines the US role as a mediator in the peace process.

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