The European Parliament did not recognize the results of the elections in Belarus

The European Parliament stated that it did not recognize Alexander Lukashenko as the President of Belarus and declared him persona non grata in the European Union.

— We do not recognize Alexander Lukashenko as the re-elected President of Belarus and consider him persona non grata in the European Union. We join the Belarusian people in their demand to hold new and free elections under the supervision of independent observers, ” the statement reads.

It was signed by the leaders of five European Parliament parties: the European people’s party (EPP), the Progressive Alliance of socialists and Democrats, the liberal Pro — European group Renewing Europe, the Greens-the European free Alliance, and the European conservatives and reformists group.

The MEPs stress that they “strongly condemn the arrests and appalling acts of violence and torture committed against peaceful demonstrators.” They called on the authorities to investigate these crimes.

They also condemned the pressure on the media, the intimidation of journalists, and the disconnection of the Internet. They called for the immediate release of all those detained at the protests, as well as political prisoners.

As noted in the statement, the signatories welcome the decision of the EU foreign Ministers to blacklist all those responsible for violence and falsification of the results of the presidential election.

— We applaud the Belarusian people for their courage and determination, and we support their desire for democratic change and freedom with all our strength,” the document says.

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