The European Parliament called on EU countries not to delay sanctions against Belarus

The European Parliament calls on the EU leadership to use sanctions without delay to punish serious human rights violations in Belarus, according to the speech of the head of the EP David Sassoli, which he made during an emergency EU summit on the situation in Belarus.

“Sanctions are an important tool available to the European Union, and the Parliament calls on the Council to use them without delay to verify and punish serious human rights violations that have occurred,” he said in a published speech.

These sanctions may include freezing the assets of those who abuse their power and violate fundamental freedoms, he added.

“We are deeply concerned about human rights violations and believe that the only viable path is a dialogue with all national and international stakeholders to ensure a peaceful solution to the situation,” Sassoli said.

“The future of Belarus can only be determined by its citizens within the framework of a normal democratic process that guarantees their freedoms. External intervention in the crisis that the country is experiencing would be unacceptable,” he said.

Sassoli believes that there is every reason to fear an escalation of repression and military intervention.

“I think you all agree that we have to do everything possible to stop this violence and ensure that those responsible are brought to justice,” he added.

Sassoli said that the EU should support the calls of the people of Belarus to hold new presidential elections as soon as possible and guarantee the investigation and punishment of acts of violence.

“We must exert pressure through all available channels so that the prisoners arrested since August 9 are released, rehabilitated and compensated,” the head of the European Parliament said.

Author: John Kessler
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