The European Parliament called for the use of the “Nord stream-2” against Russia

According to Manfred Weber, chairman of the European People’s Party, the European Union should use “Nord stream-2” as an instrument of pressure on Moscow, the largest faction in the European Parliament.

The politician told the Spiegel newspaper that this gas pipeline “is not in the European interests.” Weber called on Brussels to use it as a “lever in foreign policy” since Berlin does not intend to stop the project.

According to the MP, “Nord stream-2” economically stabilizes “Putin’s system, which acts largely against the EU and its member states.”

“If the Russian leadership does not return to partnership cooperation, the pipeline will not be able to work fully,” he stressed, suggesting that the operation of the gas pipeline should be linked to Moscow’s “further behavior.”

Weber called on the EU to behave more confidently in foreign policy, noting that Europe needs to “abandon naivety in relations with Putin and other geopolitical players.”

Moscow has repeatedly stated that “Nord stream-2” is an economic project that benefits Europe. German Chancellor Angela Merkel also confirmed the immutability of Berlin’s position on the project.

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Author: Ivan Maltsev
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