The EU made a statement about the events in the United States

EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Josep Borrell said that the Capitol’s unrest could carry risks for democracies around the world.

He explained that this danger comes from populist politicians and misinformation.

“What happened on Wednesday was the culmination of disturbing events in the world in recent years. This should be a signal to all defenders of democracy. It is necessary to fight against misconceptions and attacks on democratic values, to overcome the disunity in our societies, not only in the United States,” Borrell wrote in his blog.

According to him, there are political leaders all over the world who are ready to undermine democratic institutions.

“If anyone still had doubts, the events in Washington confirmed that disinformation is a real threat to democracies,” Borrel said.

He noted that disinformation is aimed at distorting the facts and creating a parallel reality.

“If some are convinced that the election was rigged because their leader constantly talks about it, then they will act accordingly,” the statement said.

At the same time, the head of EU diplomacy suggested that American democracy will become stronger after these events.

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