The EU intends to legalize the wearing of masks on planes

Wearing masks for adults and children over six years old, on Board planes and at airports in Europe will become mandatory, according to the portal Lonely Planet. Such measures have become necessary because of the threat of a second wave of coronavirus.

According to German Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer, an agreement on common standards was reached by EU officials. The decision is now expected to be approved by EU Ministers.
Also, officials agreed that airlines should disinfect planes more often and apply protocols to ensure a safe distance between passengers.

Mandatory mask wear is becoming part of a concerted effort by air carriers to ensure the safety of travelers as the second wave of the pandemic begins in many parts of the globe. The European Union’s aviation safety Agency has published a guide that highlights the importance of “breathing etiquette” and wearing protective masks on planes and at airports.

Also, the heads of the largest airlines in the United States and Europe are calling on officials from both regions to create a joint test program for COVID-19 to increase confidence in transatlantic travel.