The EU has accused Russia and China of spreading misinformation around COVID-19

The European Union said that false information could cause significant damage, weakening the measures taken by the authorities to contain the epidemic.

The European Union report accused China and Russia of spreading false and misleading information on the Internet about the spread of COVID-19.
The document aims to stop the “unprecedented” spread of fake news in the context of a pandemic.

China and Russia were named among “foreign actors” who sought to “undermine democratic debate” and improve their image through “targeted influence and disinformation operations in connection with COVID-19 in the EU,” the bloc’s executive body said in a report published on Wednesday.
“It would be too dangerous to do nothing,” Vera Jourova, Vice – President of the European Commission, told reporters in Brussels.

“The pandemic has shown us that false information can cause serious harm, can even kill citizens and undermine the work of government agencies and thus weaken the measures taken,” she said.

Author: Steve Cowan
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