The EU called on Netflix to reduce video quality. Otherwise, the Internet in Europe will not work

The EU has called on Netflix and other video streaming services to reduce the quality of their videos. Otherwise, the Internet infrastructure in Europe may not be able to withstand such a load that appeared as a result of quarantine. This writes CNN.

EU European Commissioner Thierry Brenton held talks with Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and urged users of streaming video services not to include HD quality for the videos.

“Commissioner Breton is right when he emphasizes the importance of ensuring the smooth operation of the Internet at this critical moment. “We have been focusing on network performance for many years, including the free provision of open connection services for telecommunications companies”.

Netflix Representatives

Already, Netflix has begun to regulate the amount of streaming data that is transmitted per user. The publication notes that in the evening of March 19, the company should issue a special statement.

In addition to Netflix, Facebook representatives announced an increased load on their servers. The number of voice and video calls in WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger is more than double the usual levels.

Author: Flyn Braun
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