The Ethereum 2.0 Deposit contract received more than 1 million ETH

Users deposited more than 1 million ETH to the Deposit contract of the second version of the Ethereum Protocol.

At the time of writing, the corresponding address’s balance is 1,000,130 ETH, which is equivalent to $603 million at the current exchange rate.



The Deposit contract allows you to send ETH from the existing network to ETH2, confirming the stakes’ authority.

The ecosystem of the new version of Ethereum has more than 23 thousand active validators, the participation rate is 97.59%, according to Eth2 Rewards Bot.

According to Staking Rewards, the current annual return on ETH2 staking is about 16.5%.

As planned, the launch of the zero phases of Ethereum 2.0 took place on December 1.

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