The employee who testified against Trump will leave the White House

The employee of the National Security Council (NSC) of the White House Alexander Vindman, who spoke at a hearing in the US Congress in the framework of the impeachment procedure of the American leader Donald Trump, will soon leave his post because of the reorganization of the Department. The assistant to the President for national security Robert O’Brien reported.

“We are rationalizing the work of the National Security Council. There are people who have been transferred from other ministries and departments. As I understand it, Lieutenant Colonel Vindman was transferred from the US Department of Defense, and all those who were transferred to the NSC will begin to return to their ministries, we will take new people,” he said, noting that the number of employees is planned to be reduced to about a hundred people.

O’Brien, however, denies any connection to this personnel decision with the fact that Vindman testified against Trump. “I never take revenge on anyone. We are talking about everyone who has been transferred to us. Their term is coming to an end, they are returning to their departments,” – says the assistant to the President for national security.

Alexander Vindman in October privately answered questions from members of the Foreign Affairs Committee, the intelligence select Committee and the house oversight and government reform Committee for 11 hours. He reported omissions in the transcript of the dialogue between Trump and Zelensky. According to him, from the transcript, Zelensky’s mention of the name of the gas company Burisma, whose Board in 2014 included the son of former US Vice President hunter Biden, disappeared. The document omits Trump’s repeated references to a recording of a speech in which Joseph Biden recommended that Viktor Shokhin be fired as Ukraine’s Attorney General.

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