The “elusive” American with a jetpack was captured on video

In Los Angeles, the instructor of the flying school Sling Pilot Academy Brandy Fogelman for the first time filmed a man with a jetpack, which has been noticed by pilots for four months. It was flying at an altitude of about 900 meters at high speed.

Fogelman told US media that the “guy with the jetpack” overtook the plane on the right side and then disappeared without making contact.

He was first spotted in Los Angeles in late August. Then the two airline pilots said they saw a man hovering at about 900 meters. In October, the pilot of a third airline reported the same case. So far, there has been no video confirming the existence of the “jetpack guy.” The FBI is investigating the case. The identity of the pilot is still unknown.

The latest appearance of the “guy with a satchel” raises many questions for experts since existing jetpacks have a minimal flight range and are not designed for flights in dense airspace, especially at an altitude of about 900 meters.

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