The duel for “Nord stream 2”: will Pompeo be able to win the “Danish round”?

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo went to Denmark to prevent the implementation of the “Nord stream-2” project, but it is unlikely that he will be able to carry out his plans.

The head of the US Department of State Mike Pompeo will meet with the Prime Minister of Denmark Mette Frederiksen and Minister of Foreign Affairs Jeppe Kofod. In Copenhagen, Pompeo hopes to prevent the completion of the construction of the “Nord stream-2,” writes the German newspaper Die Welt.

Before the meeting, Danish foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod said that the United States is a close friend and ally of the country. Still, there is a problem in relations – the Russian gas pipeline “Nord stream–2,” which passes through Danish waters.

Recall that the United States is critical of “Nord stream-2” and is trying in every way to prevent the completion of the project. In particular, US extraterritorial sanctions are now in effect, which at the end of last year led to the recall of a Swiss ship engaged in laying pipes.

Earlier, Pompeo threatened tough sanctions against companies involved in the construction of the Nord stream–2 gas pipeline. He said that the state Department included the project, as well as the second branch of the “Turkish stream” in the updated guide to the law “On countering America’s adversaries through sanctions” (CAATSA).

“Get out now, or you are taking a risk,” the Secretary of state addressed these words to the project’s investors.

Later, the State Department clarified that sanctions are not being imposed right now, Washington said, but companies involved in the projects were strongly advised to leave them and avoid possible punishment.

In Denmark, the head of the State Department, Mike Pompeo, will raise the issue of “Nord stream-2.” Still, it is unlikely that Pompeo will be able to prevent the project since the position on this issue is indicated in Europe.

So, the head of the Federal Union of German industry Joachim Lange, reacting to the next threats of the United States, demanded a “clear diplomatic response” and called extraterritorial sanctions violating international law.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas pointed out that European energy policy is implemented in Europe, not in Washington. EU high representative for foreign policy Josep Borrell criticized the administration of the United States.

The Russian side considers the US sanctions illegal and describes them as “pure protectionism.” Energy Minister Alexander Novak previously stated this.

Note that at the moment, no work is being carried out in Danish waters. It is expected that Russia will continue to build in September. Now for more than two months near the island of Rugen is “Academician Chersky,” which should carry out the laying of pipes.

If Akademik Chersky is not allowed to work due to sanctions risks, Gazprom has a backup option – the vessel Fortuna. In an ideal situation, Gazprom will be able to use two boats at once to complete the missing section of the pipeline. In this case, it will be faster to complete the “Nord stream-2” project.

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