The doctors explained what cough indicates the coronavirus

Doctors explained what distinctive features of a cough indicate that a person is sick with COVID-19, writes BGR.

As noted by a doctor of medicine, Nate Favini, regardless of the cough’s intensity with COVID-19, is always dry. That is, it is not accompanied by sputum. The doctor stressed that, despite the absence of suspicion of coronavirus in this case, if such a symptom appears, it is necessary to undergo an examination.

However, other experts point out that dry cough is possible with allergies, asthma, and gastroesophageal reflux. Sarah Narayan, MD, an allergist at Emerson hospital, points out that asthma’s hallmark can be wheezing, which is almost not found in patients with COVID-19. With allergies, coughing, like other symptoms such as itching and swelling, should go away after taking antihistamines.

At the same time, doctors recommend evaluating the cough features in conjunction with other signs of COVID-19.

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