The discovery of secret documents about the British destroyer at the stop was considered a drain

The mysterious discovery of secret documents of the British Ministry of Defense, which set out information about the tasks of the destroyer Defender off the coast of Crimea, is very likely a deliberate leak.

It noted that in previous years it happened that sensitive documents “leaked” due to banal carelessness. Folders and flash drives with secret files were lost in parking lots, on trains, and even in bars. “If you search, you can see a good dozen such incidents that got into the media. And some were not in the media,” the expert noted.

However, there are several points in the current incident that speak in favor of a different version. First, the time and context of the loss of documents — the discovered materials related to a very recent incident, which is still widely discussed. Secondly, the expert considered the behavior of the person who found the documents suspicious. He could have contacted the police and counterintelligence, given the nature of the documents, or destroyed them. But instead, he turned to the media. The chance that this is an accident is one in a million. The chance that this is an organized leak is close to 100 percent. The expert also suggested that some of the information contained in the found documents could have been deliberately distorted.

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