The Director of “Joker” revealed the main mystery of the film

The Director of “Joker” Todd Phillips solved one of the main mysteries that tormented the audience: what happened to Sophie, the neighbor of the protagonist Arthur Fleck.

Disputes about the fate of Sophie began because of the ambiguity allowed by the Director. After a few minutes, the Joker came to her and asked for help, but she got scared and kicked him out. After that, Arthur appears in the frame, who walks down the corridor, and Sophie is never shown again.

Because of Sophie’s disappearance from the screen, some viewers thought the Joker had killed the girl.

“I say as a Director and as a screenwriter-he did not kill her. It was the kind of litmus test the audience could use to test his sanity. Most people I talked to decided he didn’t kill her because they understood the idea — the Joker only kills those who hurt him, and Sophie didn’t do anything to him,” Director Todd Phillips told IndieWire.

He also revealed that there was a scene in the film that would have removed the issue, but it was decided to be cut. In the scene when the Joker came to the tonight show to Murray Franklin, it was shown that Sophie was watching TV.

Author: Flyn Braun
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