The Director of “Ghostbusters” explained the failure of the film by elections

The Director of the science fiction film “Ghostbusters” Paul Feig, found a new reason for failure. According to him, as cited by the Comic Book publication, the project was hindered by the election cycle of 2015 and 2016. As evidence, the Director cited the statement of then-US presidential candidate Donald Trump, who said: “Now they’re shooting Ghostbusters with a female cast. What’s going on?”

“Everyone was on the edge of boiling. I don’t know if it was because an African-American President led the country for eight years, but they were just about to explode. It’s crazy how people go crazy because women were trying to get power, that is, to be in a position that they were never in, and it was an ugly, ugly year,” he concluded.

Recall that Feig’s attempt to reboot the once-popular franchise failed: viewers did not appreciate the female cast of hunters. In May 2020, the Director claimed that he was ready to present the full version, the timing of which he estimated at three and a half hours. It is unknown how the management of Sony studios, which financed the failed project, reacted to this idea.

Author: Flyn Braun
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