The destroyer “John McCain” conducted an operation to ensure free navigation

Earlier, Russia said that a US warship entered its territorial waters.

On November 24, the USS “John McCain” used the right to free navigation in the area of Peter the Great Bay in the Sea of Japan, the US Seventh fleet said on Tuesday. As noted in the statement, through this operation to ensure freedom of navigation, the rights to the legitimate use of Maritime space were defended under international law provisions. Russia’s excessive territorial claims were challenged.

“By conducting this operation, the United States demonstrated that these waters are not Russia’s territorial sea and that the United States does not agree with Russia’s claims that Peter the Great Bay has historical status under international law,” the statement said.

“All our operations are organized following international law and demonstrate that the United States, whether in the air or at sea, will act wherever permitted by international law,” the Seventh fleet stressed.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Russian Defense Ministry said a Russian warship had detected an American destroyer operating in Russian territorial waters of Japan’s Sea.

According to the Ministry, the destroyer “John McCain” went over the sea borderline for two kilometers and returned to neutral waters after a warning from the Russian anti-submarine ship “Admiral Vinogradov.”

“…The United States will never allow itself to be intimidated or persuaded to accept illegal Maritime claims such as those made by the Russian Federation,” said Lieutenant Joe Cayley, a spokesman for the Seventh fleet. – The statement of the Russian Federation about this mission is false. The destroyer “John McCain” was not “pushed out” from the territory of any country.”

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