The dangerous premiere of the “Joker.” Police and US Army prepare for the worst

Police and the US army will pay special attention to security in cinemas during the screening of the “Joker.” There are fears of a repeat of the events of 2012 when the premiere of the film about Batman in the cinema was mass murder. Now the military is being prepared for such a scenario. A former US intelligence officer told.

The US Army and the Los Angeles Police Department will take all possible measures to ensure security during the screening of the movie “Joker.” This was reported on CNN.

Commanders in Fort Sill in Oklahoma received information from the command about a possible attack during the premiere of the film. Leaflets with the manual to action at emergence in the cinema of the shooter distributed among the military personnel. One of the regulations-the Council in advance to watch a couple of exits from the hall.

“Run if you can. Otherwise, hide and keep quiet. If the shooter finds you, fight with everything that is at hand, ” – said in the instructions.
The vigilance of law enforcement is understandable. Former us army psychological operations officer Scott Bennett is confident of this.

“This is not just an HYIP. The film tells the story of the aggression felt by many young people in the States. The Joker speaks to a very large audience. For that reason, the police are understandably concerned. Someone can identify with the character.”

According to Bennett, the “Joker” is a very interesting film that describes many elements of modern American society. “In the current States, there are many people 20-45 years old who are not married, who do not have children, and these people are in social isolation. Some take drugs and have mental problems.”

The situation is complicated by the presence of heroism in the new Joker. After all, Director Todd Phillips decided to tell the story of the formation of a clown-Prince of the underworld-from a modest inconspicuous humorist, caring for an old mother, to a brilliant criminal.

“Viewing should, of course, be regulated. For example, there should be an age limit. But to ban this picture is not necessary. It has many messages for society. This work can help people a lot, can explain a lot.”

Author: Flyn Braun
Graduated from Cambridge University. Previously, he worked in various diferent news media. Currently, it is a columnist of the us news section in the Free News editors.
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