The Czech Republic completely closes its borders — both on entry and on exit

The Czech Republic tightens its quarantine measures and closes its borders completely on March 16. The government of the country made this decision.

Since March 16, the Czech Republic has banned entry to its territory for all foreigners, except those who have a permanent or temporary residence permit in the country. In addition, all residents of the country are prohibited from leaving it.

Planes can land in the Czech Republic only if all passengers on board are Czechs (or foreigners living in the country). Those returning from countries with a high risk of infection will be required to inform their doctor and leave for a two-week home quarantine. Ignoring this duty is considered a criminal offense.

“This is a very tough measure. But we must act decisively to prevent the further spread of the disease,” — said the head of the Czech Ministry of interior Jan Hamáček.

Departure from the country will be prohibited for both Czech citizens and foreigners with long-term visas, residence permits, and permanent residence. The direction of the trip does not matter — the ban is imposed directly on leaving the Czech Republic. An exception is made, for example, for drivers of trucks, buses, drivers or doctors.

Residents of border areas working in neighboring countries (for example, in Germany or Austria) will be allowed to leave the country daily, but not further than 50 km from the Czech border and only if they have confirmation from their employer.

On the eve of the Czech Republic, an emergency mode was introduced for 30 days due to the threat of the spread of the coronavirus. Mass events with more than 30 participants are prohibited, except for meetings and sessions of state bodies, courts, and funerals.

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